Andreea Carmen (Gasca de Acasa): “The story of our song comes from a meditation about what a relationship means” (Romanian semifinalists – Exclusive Interview)

ESC+Plus has talked to Andreea Carmen, lead vocalist of Gasca de Acasa, semifinalists of this year’s Romanian national selection for Eurovision. The band will perform “Tu esti povestea” in the semi-final of Selectia Nationala 2016 to take place on March 4.

ESC+Plus: Hello! First of all, thank you so much for your time and congratulations on having been selected to take part in the Romanian national selection for Eurovision 2016!

Can you tell us about you, your musical career and important achievements?

The group was reunited with a constant activity in 2011, in Baia Mare, after a period of succesful collaboration with major artists like Paula Seling, Narcisa Suciu, Mircea Rusu, AMI, in the first decade of the century. After that period when the group was a supporting band mainly in tours we decided to be an independent group with our own songs and concerts. So nowadays the band has a stable component. The members are Andreea Carmen Podina – vocal: Patriciu Pop – vocal, synthetisers : Voicu Stoian – guitar, backing vocals : Pefi Pop – drums : Puiu Solobot – bass guitar : Calin Ionce – piano, backing vocals.

E+: What impelled you to take part in “Selectia Nationala 2016”?

The desire to enter the ears and the hearts of many people, not to mention the tradition and the meaning of this contest.

E+: How did you feel when you knew you had qualified for the semi-final? Did you expect it?

We didn’t expect to be selected, it was a great joy and we consider ourselves lucky.

E+: What would it mean to you to represent Romania?

We believe any artist wants at least once in a lifetime to represent his country. It’s a big achievement in our artistic career too.

E+: Can you tell us about your song? What is the story behind the lyrics?

After several meetings with the public which happened in different places, different cities, we took advantage of the good feedback and the energy received from people and we needed the urge to express in a creative way. So the song was born, written by two members of the band, Calin Ionce and Pefi Pop, both teachers at the Music High school in Baia Mare, relying on an old relation of friendship and musical collaboration.

The story comes from a meditation about what a relationship means. About the simple things that make love to be beautiful, that create the bond between two persons and which create the story of the relationships as we know it. And based on the reality that when we love our story is the person we love because we cannot disconnect in any moment from that person even if he/she is miles away thinking about you too.

E+: Why do you think your song has to be selected for Stockholm? What are you strengths to reach the top in the competition?

In a world and a global show-business where, lately, music means digitalized sounds and the orchestration is minimalised to effects and artificial sounds, we chose to produce the song relying in what writing/composition and orchestration is really about. We created the song in the old school manner, using natural, simple sounds with the purpose to value the emotion which the songs wants to share with the listeners.

E+: How are you preparing your stage performance for “Selectia Nationala 2016”?

Considering the rules of the show allow only six persons on stage we will rely on our energy and we will use some VJ effects.

E+: If you win the contest, will you sing in Romanian or English at Eurovision?

We don’t know yet, both ways would be ok, anyway we will have soon an english version of the song, no matter the results.

E+: Do you usually watch Eurovision? What are your favorite songs in the history of the competition?

There are a lot of songs to be mentioned, there is a high level all the time and there are songs which became hits and so they remained in history but we don’t have one in particular to mention, especially because we are a group with different opinions, not a single artist with it’s personal preferences.

E+: If you could choose a Eurovision former participant to sing along with, who would it be?

One of the option would be definitely Johnny Logan. We had the chance to meet him in 2010.

E+: Besides Eurovision, what are your plans for this year?

We have plans to create more and more songs, to have our first album launched on the market and of course we will be touring.

E+: Finally, can you send a message for our readers and Eurovision fans?

Choose with your heart. Thank you!

E+: Thanks for your time and good luck!



  1. MarioVision

    March 2, 2016 at 9:15 pm

    I like this song too.My 7th most liked song of the 12 songs of the romanian NF.

  2. MarioVision

    March 2, 2016 at 9:15 pm

    Here is my top12 rank on Romania’s NF.

    1) *THE VOICE* ~ 12 points

    2) *PARADISIO* ~ 10 points

    3) *LASA-MA, EU TE LAS* ~ 8 points

    4) *LET IT SHINE* ~ 7 points

    5) *BEHIND THE SHADOWS* ~ 6 points

    6) *IM COMING HOME* ~ 5 points

    7) *TU ESTI POVESTEA* ~ 4 points

    8) *NEVER TOO LATE* ~ 3 points

    9) *NAI NAI* ~ 2 points

    10) *SUPERHUMAN* ~ 3/10 ~ 1 point



  3. MarioVision

    March 2, 2016 at 9:16 pm

    There are many worthy good songs in the bunch.
    I really like 7 songs out of the 12.

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