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Get to know Georgia: The cuisine (Part 2)

When talking about cuisine, we all think about France, Italy, Spain…, but in the heart of Caucasus, there is a country whose cuisine is as rich as theirs: Georgia! (as you might have guessed😂) The Georgian cuisine (ქართული სამზარეულო-“K’art’uli Samzareulo) ...

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Georgia chooses for Kiev tonight!

Tonight, one of the Caucasian countries is picking its 2017 Eurovision act, it is no other than Georgia! Georgia were lucky enough to make it through the semifinal last year in Stockholm and this year’s they seem to be following ...

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Georgia: Open call for Eurovision 2017

Georgian broadcaster, GPB, have today announced the start of their preparation for Eurovision 2017. In a video posted on their official YouTube channel, the broadcaster have asked for submissions for an open call national selection. The applicants, or which they ...

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