Sweden: Melodifestivalen 2016 – Final (Vote in our poll)

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About Miguel Pons

Miguel Pons
Hi, I am Miguel from Castellón (Spain), Eurovision follower since I was a child; I became a huge fan when Serio Dalma represented Spain in Italy. I am the owner of the escspain.com web site and editor of the ESC+Plus.com Spanish version. Graphic design is my other favourite hobby so I develop my skills thorough video edition and graphics on both web-sites.
  • *MarioVision*

    01) *DON’T WORRY* —————–(12) Melodi points — (12) escpoints — (11) points

    02) *UNIVERSE* ———————– (10) Melodi points –(10) esc points –(10) points
    03) *HUMAN* —————————- (8) Melodi points — (8) esc points — (9) points
    04) *MY HEART WANTS ME DEAD*- (6) Melodi points — (7) esc points –(8) points
    05) *WE ARE YOUR TOMORROW*–(4) Melodi points — (6) esc points — (7) points
    06) *SAVE ME* ————————– (2) Melodi points — (5) esc points — (6) points
    07) *CANSTELATION PRIZE* ——— (1) Melodi point — (4) esc points —(5) points

    08) *If I Were Sorry* ~ 4 points ~ 3 esc points
    09) *Bada Nakna* ~ 3 points ~ 2 esc points
    10) *Kizunguzungu* ~ 2 p ~ 1 esc p
    11) *Håll Om Mig Hårt” ~ 1 point
    12) *Put Your Love On Me* ~ nul 0 points

  • *MarioVision*

    I think with this way the voting is much better 🙂
    Not the best to see bad songs that i will still have to give them 7-6 or 5 points if there are 4-5-6 songs on the poll..

  • *MarioVision*

    You beat 1 song,you get 1 point
    You beat 2 songs,you get 2 points
    You beat none song,you get no (nul) points
    And there should be only 1 point gap on each place,
    not the fake margin of 4 points between the 1st(12 points) & the 3rd(8 points) or even the 2 points between the 1st~2nd-3rd

    • *MarioVision*

      If we had this 100% fair voting system in the Vision of 2003
      then the real true winner would be BELGIUM! <3
      For just 1 single point ahead of the 2nd runner up..
      That is my #1 all time most favorite song in history of the EuroVision! <3

  • *MarioVision*

    I truly believe that EBU
    MUST finally completely change the voting system of EuroVision at last!
    From the (now) 26 songs of the Grand Final
    ~~ The Winner should get 25 points
    ~~ The 2nd/ runner up should get 24 points
    ~~ The almost last country should get 1 point
    ~~ And the last placed country should get nul 0 points.

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