Spain: Barei to re-launch ”Throw The Dice”, on sale on April 22!

This year’s Spanish entrant at the Eurovision Song Contest, Barei, is busy promoting her entry ”Say Yay” around Europe. She has attended the parties and meetings in Riga, Moscow and Amsterdam last weekend. She is also doing London this Saturday. Meanwhile she has also been preparing what’s going to see the light on the 22nd of April (same day Eurovision 2016 album gets also released!), a new edition of her latest album ”Throw The Dice”, which you can already listen to on Spotify.

Anyway, you all will be thinking: what is it new on this? She will include her Eurovision entry plus a remix version of the song and a brand new one called ”Who Plays The Drums”, which was also sent to the Spanish broadcaster RTVE when they called for entries during their selection process for the national final. ”The song differs a lot from what was sent to them”, Barei revealed. It presents new arrangements and could have also been the Spanish entry this year, but the directors and Barei’s team went for ”Say Yay!” instead.

Barei is one of the artists who has climbed up most on the bookies for the past weeks since the music-video was released. Do you think Spain would be a top-10 deserved nation this year? Tell us your opinion and wait for it!

About Adrián Valiente (Spain)

Adrián Valiente (Spain)
I love the Eurovision Song Contest not only because of its amazing production but it also gives me the chance to discover new music every year. I've been watching it since 2002, since then I became a huge follower, mostly because of the interest TVE put on it with Rosa from Spain. I've attended the contest several times in the last few years. I also attended the Junior Eurovision in Malta and Bulgaria where we lived an amazing experience thanks to all delegations and PBS/BNT organising team.

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