Robin Stjernberg (Sweden 2013) released promising new single, “Take Me Home”

Sweden’s 2013 participant who competed with a home court advantage has released a new single “Take Me Home”.

With a vocal riff pulled from the last Eric Hassle track, Robin maintains his uplifting and inspirational style that makes use of his huge booming voice. It’s a step down in tempo from his Eurovision entry “You”, and does add a bit of sophistication and soul to his musical style, but still wouldn’t have been out of place on his debut album, “Pieces” from 2013. With the new song and three years on, we must wonder if a new album is perhaps on its way?

You can find the single currently on Spotify here.


About Derrick Schiff (USA)

Derrick Schiff (USA)
One of those rare creatures, the American Eurovision fans, I found the Eurovision pool and dived in head first. More knowledgeable about the current years, I'm excited to watch as Eurovision evolves into the credible launching platform for the finest pop acts in Europe and the World.

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