Poll: #BestOfJESC Awards – Top Costume Design

The next category of #BestOfJESC Awards is here, let’s find out which is the best costume design of the Junior Eurovision history!

Take a look at the different costume designs below:

NOTE: We didn’t include all the costume designs of the Junior Eurovision history because it would take us many days to include all of them, so we internally selected the best two ones from each edition.

You can vote in this category until the 14th of November. A day later, the results will be published.



Don’t forget to comment your choices on your social profiles under the hashtag #BestOfJESC and invite your friends to vote.

About Miguel Pons

Miguel Pons
Hi, I am Miguel from Castellón (Spain), Eurovision follower since I was a child; I became a huge fan when Serio Dalma represented Spain in Italy. I am the owner of the escspain.com web site and editor of the ESC+Plus.com Spanish version. Graphic design is my other favourite hobby so I develop my skills thorough video edition and graphics on both web-sites.

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