OGAE Poll 2016 – Results from Ukraine

Today, OGAE Ukraine have revealed their results for this year’s OGAE Poll.

Check the decision of the Ukrainian Eurovision fan club below:

  • 12 points – France
  • 10 points – Bulgaria
  • 8 points – Australia
  • 7 points – Latvia
  • 6 points – Croatia
  • 5 points – Spain
  • 4 points – Azerbaijan
  • 3 points – Hungary
  • 2 points – Estonia
  • 1 point – Russia

The current top 10 looks as it follows:



The annual OGAE Poll is the official fan club voting that brings the opinion of the OGAE quarters established all over Europe and the Rest of the World.

Stay tuned for more results in the coming days!

About Miguel Pons

Miguel Pons
Hi, I am Miguel from Castellón (Spain), Eurovision follower since I was a child; I became a huge fan when Serio Dalma represented Spain in Italy. I am the owner of the escspain.com web site and editor of the ESC+Plus.com Spanish version. Graphic design is my other favourite hobby so I develop my skills thorough video edition and graphics on both web-sites.

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