No “fake” applause at Eurovision 2016, we will hear the real thing!

SVT has announced that they will not be using the anti-booing technology. Last year, Polina Gagarina was allegedly booed several times throughout the competition. The Tolmachevy sisters were also given the same treatment as well.

Citing the fact that they’d like the show to be as “authentic” as possible, SVT is opting to not utilize the technology. “We will not censor,” SVT President Hanna Stjärne stated. Martin Österdahl, executive producers, said that they will not use any pre-recorded applause either. Jon Ola Sand claims that the pre-recorded applause was never used to censor boos.

With a slogan of “Come Together,” Österdahl stated on Monday, “We believe that the idea of unity is as important today as it was in the 1950s when the Eurovision Song Contest started.” It’s clear that the shows producers don’t want booing. They do want to make sure that the audience’s expressions aren’t censored in an effort to make people feel heard.

Perhaps Europe will come together and support the performers from all the participating countries with applause.

Source : Aftonbladet

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Alesia Michelle (USA)
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