Israel: Hovi Star releases revamped version of “Made of Stars”

After a somewhat lukewarm reception to the song by the public, Israeli representative for Stockholm 2016 has decided to stick with ‘Made of Stars’, albeit it a new version, for which the video clip was unveiled today.

There had been rumblings that Star would change the song after winning. After getting the permission of the ‘Made of Stars’ composer, Doron Madaly, who wrote two of the songs for the Israeli national final, ‘Somebody Out There’ was evaluated as an option. As we can see today, the team from Israel must have decided to stick with Madaly’s winning song, while adding more instrumentation and opportunities to let Hovi’s voice and talent come through. The whole thing looks a little like Israel’s response to Sam Smith.

Now that we have the final version of Hovi Star’s ‘Made of Stars’, do you think it will make it to the final this year as Nadav Guedj did last year? Or will he follow Rak Bishvilo and crash out of the semis in Sweden?

Source : Okio Times

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Derrick Schiff (USA)
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