Hungary: Allocation for A Dal semi-finals decided

MTVA has revealed the allocation for the semi-finals of A Dal 2017 that will be held this week, on February 10 and 11. 9 candidates will compete in each show with only 4 of them making it through to the national final, which will have 8 competing acts.

You can find who will compete in each semi-final below:

Semi-Final 1:

  1. Chase – “Dust in the wind”
  2. Dávid Henderson – “White shadows”
  3. Gina Kanizsa – “Fall like rain”
  4. Joci Pápai – “Origo”
  5. Gigi Radics – “See it through”
  6. Viki Singh- “Rain”
  7. Soulwave – “Kalandor”
  8. Spoon 21 – “Deák”
  9. The Couple – “Vége van”

Semi-Final 2:

  1. Benji – “Karcok”
  2. Kállay Saunders Band – “17”
  3. Leander Kills – “Élet”
  4. Mrs. Columbo – “Frozen king”
  5. Peet Project – “Kill your monster”
  6. Roma Soul – “Nyitva a ház”
  7. Ádám Szabó – “Together”
  8. Tóth Gabi & Freddie Shuman feat. Lotfi Begi – “Hosszú idők”
  9. Zävodi + Berkes Olivér – “#háttérzaj”

As in previous shows, a jury consisted of Zsédenyi Adrienn Zséda, Both Miklós, Frenreisz Károly and Molnár Ferenc Caramel (80%), and the audience (20%) will pick the first acts that will make it through to the final after two voting rounds. The last qualifier will be decided by 100% public vote during the second round.

Who do you want to see in the final? Let us know in comments below!

About Belén García (Spain)

Belén García (Spain)
My name is Belén, I am a 25 year-old musician girl from Spain. I have been following Eurovision since I was only 11 and the Junior version since the beginning (expert of this contest).Before ESC+Plus, I have been part of very well-known websites about Eurovision. Apart from writing, I love taking professional photos!I have already travelled to Eurovision three times (Malmö 2013, Copenhagen 2014 and Vienna 2015) and to Junior Eurovision twice (Malta 2014 & Bulgaria 2015). Next stop -> Stockholm 2016

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