Greece: More information about the song revealed!

As it has already been reported, “Argo” will be the band that will represent Greece in Stockholm. The change of the name of the group from “Europond” to “Argo” was made because there are some new members added, however, most of the artists on stage will be from “Europond”. and journalist Grigoris Melas has now revealed some more information regarding the song. It is going to be an ethnic song with some hip-hop lyrics in Greek and Pontic Greek but the chorus will be in English. The purpose of the English chorus is to cheer up the audience since everyone will understand it. As mentioned before, it’s going to be a happy song referring to the refugees’ situation and the economic crisis but they want to send the message of “the rising sun”. According to some credible sources, this is a part of the Greek lyrics in the hip-hop part of the song: “Την προσφυγιά την έζησα μικρός, κοιτάζω πίσω μα προχωράω μπρος” translated as “I experienced refugee life when I was little, I look back but I move forward”. And this is (a part of) the chorus: “We are the rise of the rising sun, dance with us and have some fun. We are the rise of the rising sun, fight with us for a utopian land”.

Mr Melas has also asked ERT why they decided to go internal this year and not host a national final. Their reply was that first of all, they wanted to reduce the costs of the Greek entry as much as possible but they also wanted to avoid hosting a national final that might have looked miserable compared to previous years. Moreover, they didn’t want to cooperate with another TV station such as MAD.

In the next few days, the song will receive the final touches and the group will be ready to shoot the music video. Stay tuned to ESC+Plus for more!

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Ifigeneia Filippidou (Greece/Sweden)
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  • “We are the rise of the rising sun…” Hey! That makes me think of “Rising Sun” by EXILE!!!

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