FYR Macedonia: Kaliopi to unveil ‘Dona’ on March 7!

F.Y.R. Macedonia opted to internally select their entrant this year, and boy did they select one: Kaliopi! One of the country’s (and region’s) biggest stars, Kaliopi has the experience in the musical world and in the Eurovision theater. She represented Macedonia twice before giving the country of its best placings in the contest on her second try in Baku 2012.

This time she’s singing ‘Dona’ which she unleash on the world March 7. Her collaborative partner in composition from 2012, Romeo Grill, was also involved with ‘Dona’, having written the music, setting the arrangement as well as the musical production of the song. Kaliopi wrote the lyrics to the song which is said to be performed in Macedonian come Stockholm.

The unveiling will be broadcast on the MKRTV First Channel at 20:15 CET on March 7.

Here’s what the singer had to say about her song to Eurovision.tv as she recorded the video for the entry.

Are you excited for F.Y.R. Macedonia’s entry this year? Where do you think they will place?

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Derrick Schiff (USA)
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