Eurovision in Concert announces 2018 date

A few days ago, the organisation of Eurovision in Concert announced the date for the 2018 event. The hugest Eurovision pre-party will take place on the 14th of April in Amsterdam. Moreover, the concert will celebrate its 10th birthday, so we expect some special anniversary celebrations. 

Eurovision in Concert is the biggest of all Eurovision promotional events, that are held every year before the Eurovision Song Contest. This year, the concert featured 35 acts, a record number,  from all the participating countries in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

Are you ready for EIC 2018?

About Răzvan Ciurescu (Romania)

Răzvan Ciurescu (Romania)
I am a 14-years-old Romanian boy. I have been interested in Eurovision since 2012,when I discovered "accidentally" this amazing show. I have been at JESC 2015 and JESC 2016. I think that kids should be more interested in Eurovision.

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