ESC+Plus You: Romanian Final poll results!

This evening, the Final of the Romanian national selection for Eurovision 2016 “Selecţia Naţională” will be aired.

A few days ago, we launched a survey on our official voting website to let our readers send their votes and know the fans opinion about all entries, and the best choices to represent Romania in Stockholm.

The results look as it follows:

Selecţia Naţională 2016 - Final

VideoFlorena - Behind the shadows722
VideoM I H A I - Paradisio706
VideoOvidiu Anton - Moment of silence684
VideoDoru Todoruţ feat. Irina Baianţ - The Voice600
VideoVanotek feat. The Code & Georgian - I’m coming home579
VideoDream Walkers - Let it shine549

Number of voters: 80

We want to say thanks to the followers who cast their votes on our poll and may the best song win tonight! You can follow the show by clicking on the streaming link available in our Events calendar or at

About Miguel Pons

Miguel Pons
Hi, I am Miguel from Castellón (Spain), Eurovision follower since I was a child; I became a huge fan when Serio Dalma represented Spain in Italy. I am the owner of the web site and editor of the Spanish version. Graphic design is my other favourite hobby so I develop my skills thorough video edition and graphics on both web-sites.
  • *MarioVision*

    1) *BEHIND THE SHADOWS* ——– 2nd(me) — 1st(+poll) — [5+6=11] — 11 points

    2) *PARADISIO* ————————— 3rd(me) — 2nd(+poll) — [4+5=9] — 9 points

    3) *THE VOICE* ————————— 1st(me) — 4th(+poll) —[6+2=8] — 8 points

    4) *MOMENT OF SILENCE* ———— 6th(me) — 3rd(+poll) — [0+4=4] — 4 points

    5) *IM COMING HOME* —————– 4th(me) — 5th(+poll) — [2+1=3] — 3 points

    6) *LET IT SHINE* ———————— 5th(me) — 6th(+poll) — [1+0=1] — 1 point

  • *MarioVision*

    Here are my own prediction about tonight’s NF of Romania
    I think that (most maybe) it will be one of these 3 songs that will fight 4 the win tonight.[although i really do not count off the rest 3 songs.]


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