ESC+Plus Awards coming soon!

Suffering from “Post Eurovision Depression”? ESC+Plus brings you a remedy for the Eurovision hangover, the ESC+Plus Awards! From next week forward you, along with a professional jury panel, will be able to decide the best of this year’s Eurovision through different categories.

How it will work:

The ESC+Plus Awards will be made up of several categories where all 42 participating countries of this year’s Eurovision will compete for a special prize. Prior to the voting, our readers will be able to nominate their favourites for the different categories from June 1st to 18th.

Following this stage, the 5 nominated entries from each category will be selected to face an on-line voting, which will remain open since then until the end of the month. At the same time, our professional jury panel members, made up of former Eurovision and Junior Eurovision personalities, will also send their choices in order to decide a percentage of the outcome in some categories. Have in mind that some winners will be decided by solely on-line vote.

You can find some of the categories included in the ESC+Plus Awards below:

  • Best Song
  • Best Male Singer
  • Best Female Singer
  • Best Band/Duo
  • Best Live Performance
  • Best Costume Design
  • Best Staging
  • Best Videoclip

The list of juries participating in this project includes names such as Maika, Baccara, Vladislav Kurasov, Anggun and many more!

Stay tuned to ESC+Plus for more information about the project coming soon!

About Iván Trejo

Iván Trejo
Hi, my name is Iván and I am the youngest here! I am from Badajoz, a small town located in the west of Spain. I have been a Eurovision fan since I was only 5 years old when Helena Paparizou won the contest representing Greece. I started watching National Finals last year and I think this contest is the best TV show ever!!

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