Composers Ylva & Linda release song against bulling “Speak UP!”

Swedish composers Ylva & Linda are back with new music, this time in cooperation with the Swedish organisation “Nej till mobbning” (Against bullying) and their app Speak UP!

You might remember Speak UP! because of Greta Salóme‘s costume donation. Speak UP! is a web and mobile app that allows students to speak up about harassment, bullying and conflict taking place in schools and online. Students learn to stand up for themselves and for others while helping to make their school a safer place with the app.

“We contacted them to make an official song for their organisation and it turned into the song Speak UP! with the 13-year-old singer Sebastian Rydgren from Sweden. We also decided to create a global video with video clips from around the world of people showing friendship, love and solidarity while filming themselves and singing the song Speak UP!. This video is the result of this work from July-September and we feel that this is a very important message that needs to be spoken about”, say Ylva & Linda.

You can watch the mentioned video below:

The girls are also looking forward to the Irish national selection for Junior Eurovision 2016 where they have a song competing. The singer is not other than Susie Power who also appears on the video.

Congratulations to Ylva & Linda and “Nej till mobbning” for this amazing project aimed to fight against one of the most important problems at present.

About Belén García (Spain)

Belén García (Spain)
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