Check results of second Ukrainian semi-final

The second semi-final of Ukraine is now over and we have a valid and official result: Rozhden and Illaria are the two most voted acts by the jury panel and the televote, so they will be making it to Saturday’s 25 of February grand-final.

These are the acts which competed for two available spots in the Ukrainian national final with the qualifiers in bold:

  1. Letay – Svit chekaye
  2. Mila Nitich – Mystery
  3. Kuznetsov – Deep Shivers
  4. Aghiazma – Synthetic Sun
  5. Detach – Distance
  6. Rozhden – Saturn
  7. Panivalkova – Dokuchayu
  8. Illaria – Thank You for My Way

The two finalists were selected by the combination of the votes from the panel in the studio (Jamala, Andriy Danilko and Konstantin Meladze) and the audience with their SMS and phone calls. All the rounds are presented by TV celebrity Sergiy Prytula and aired from Kiev’s Igor Sikorsky Polytechnic Institute.

Next week, the third and last semi-final will be coming up to choose other two finalists for the final round of the process, stay tuned for more details!

About Adrián Valiente (Spain)

Adrián Valiente (Spain)
I love the Eurovision Song Contest not only because of its amazing production but it also gives me the chance to discover new music every year. I've been watching it since 2002, since then I became a huge follower, mostly because of the interest TVE put on it with Rosa from Spain. I've attended the contest several times in the last few years. I also attended the Junior Eurovision in Malta and Bulgaria where we lived an amazing experience thanks to all delegations and PBS/BNT organising team.

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