Armenia: Kivera Naynomis to dress Iveta!

Iveta Mukuchyan will be serving up the fashion in Stockholm. According to a press release by the Armenian delegation, fashion house Kivera Naynomis and its lead designer, Arevik Simonyan, who are incredibly popular in the Armenian fashion world, will be tasked with dressing Iveta throughout the competition, events, and red carpet in Stockholm.

Mukuchyan gushed over the designer saying, “I’m so excited to work with Arevik Simonyan, I feel that I’m in safe hands. I hope that everyone will like my outfits created by this amazing woman!” The Kivera Naynomis designs, made and tailored specifically for the singer, were also worn for her ‘LoveWave’ video, set to be released on March 2.

Likewise, Simonyan was also excited to be working closely with Iveta in such a highly visible project. “I’m truly delighted to work with Iveta. She’s a great artist and an amazing human being,” she explained, touting the singer’s top qualities and the overlap with Kivera Naynomis’ style. “Iveta is the true representation of our brand values: strong, feminine, beautiful. She is charismatic, talented and is filled with positive energy.”

This collaboration of music and fashion is the next step for the two parties who worked together in 2013 when Mukuchyan was a presented for the fashion line’s ‘Red collection’.

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The Armenian song for Eurovision 2016 will be premiered on March 2.


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